¿How much does a Wedding cost in Spain?

How much does a Wedding cost in Spain?

The budget is determined by many factors: time of year, day of the week, number of guests, venue, style and design of the wedding, etc.

All information below are estimated prices and may vary depending on priorities and budgets.

The average wedding in Spain cost around 30,000 euros.

Main suppliers

1. Bride's dress/groom's suit

It all depends on the brand, cut, fabric, design, etc. The price of a wedding dress ranges between 500 and 15,000 euros, but the most common is a cost of about 1,500 euros. The average cost of accessories for the bride is around 400 euros.

For the groom, the average price is between 600 and 1800 euros, including the groom’s shoes and accessories. More specifically, about 900 euros allocated for the suit and about 200 euros more in accessories – shoes, cufflinks, tie or bow tie, belt or suspenders, etc.

In terms of renting dresses and suits for the wedding day, not buying them, the price is around 200 – 1000 euros.

2. Banquet / catering

The catering is one of the suppliers where a large % of the budget (if not the most) is allocated since the vast majority establishes a price per guest, with a minimum billing normally of 80-100 guests. The average expense of hiring a space with its own catering is between 15,000 euros and 20,000 euros (if we are referring to 100 guests and around 2-3 hours of open bar during the party time).

To this we would have to add extras such as foodtrucks, with a price around 600 euros, candy bars for 200 euros and about 200-400 euros for the wedding cake.

If, on the other hand, you only rent the space (between 1,500 euros and 5,000 euros), you would have to add the rental expenses and look for a separate catering supplier.

3. Photography and video

For photography, prices can be found from 900 euros to 2500 euros, depending greatly on the quality and experience of the photographer. There are additional services such as pre-wedding photographs (average price of 300 euros) and printing in a physical album (also about 300 euros on average, depending on the number of photographs).

As for video, the average price is between 800 and 2500 euros. There are extras such as drone videos (an additional 400 euros on average).

The recommended average for photography and video services is around 2,500-3,000 euros.

4. Transportation

Transportation for guests, such as bus rental, has an average price of 700 euros per bus (depending on the type of vehicle and total capacity).

For transportation of the bride and groom, such as a wedding car, the average rental price is 500 euros.

5. Floral decoration

Ceremony decoration has an average price of 500 euros, although many caterers/venues include this service in the total price.

For the aperitif with centerpieces on high tables it costs around 150-300 euros.

In case of decorating the banquet room or outdoor spaces, a minimum of another additional 300 euros must be added (all depending on the space, number of flowers, type of flowers, etc.). The centerpieces cost between 60 and 200 euros each centerpiece per table.

The special corners are variable. For example, for a chill out area corner with floral decoration you would have to add approximately 200 additional euros (depending on the quantity and complexity).

As an average total expense, the decoration budget fluctuates between 1,000 to 4,000 euros per wedding.

6. Invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, it largely depends on whether they are standard or custom designs. The price are between 0.40 – 5 euros per unit.

For standard designs, the average price is about 80 – 150 euros (for a total of 100 guests). If we want a personalized or more original design, wedding invitations can have an average price of about 150 – 400 euros (for 100 guests).

7. Hair and makeup

The price starts from about 200 euros for a simple bridal hairstyle and makeup, up to 600 euros if you want something more personalized.

For the groom, the average expenditure of the total budget is around 100 euros.

8. Live music

Contratar un violinista para boda o una cantante en directo oscila entre los los 300 y los 800 euros.

Una orquesta eleva el presupuesto en torno a unos 600 – 1200 euros.

9. DJ

The price varies depending on the sound equipment, in-service entertainment and length of the contract. It has an average price of between 1200 – 2,000 euros.

10. Ramo de la novia

It has an average price of between 100 and 400 euros, depending on the quantity, type of flowers and season and if it’s natural flower or preserved flower.