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We are your four-wheel agency. Beach and mountain, classic or themed, national or international; you choose and we make it happen. 

Creativity is very important to us. For this reason, we offer you total personalization. Here’s a spanish saying: ‘We will move heaven and earth’, which means, we will do anything possible to surpass your expectations.

The most important thing for us and the reason why /wedding exists is to make sure our couples live their dreamed wedding. We believe there are not crazy ideas, just amazing creativity thoughts. You know what? Let’s make them happen.

Destination Wedding


Is it your dream to get married somewhere abroad?

There are couples that go even further. They do not just want to get married, they aim to make it big. Some couples seek for a wedding that brings them a totally immerse experience in a different country, with the magic of its culture.

If your desire is to get married abroad and live an extraordinary experience, we are your wedding planner.

Within a wide variety of destinations available, our Lartan group will help you choose the destination that best suits your desires and personality. 

Are you ready for a life-changing experience?

Corporative / MICE


A presentation of a product launch? Perhaps, an opening? Maybe, a gala dinner or a business reunion? Propose your need and we will take care of the rest.

We will personalize your event paying great attention to details in order to make sure your goals are being reached.

We promise that both, the host and guests, will receive a unique and customized experience.



We organize all kinds of sport events.

We offer a two-in-one service: Organization of sporting events & supply of trophies and medals. Both services from the same company.



Would you like a more exclusive event? Count on us.

A birthday, a private party, a baby shower…

We like challenges. Propose us your idea and we will make it happen.

¿Te gustaría que una celebridad asistiera a tu evento?