Give me a budget and let me do magic.



Solo Trips

‘Celebrate loneliness. Take trains by yourself to places you have never been before. Travel as far as possible until the feeling of scariness disappears. Wake up in unfamiliar places and let the feeling of adventure fill you with joy. 

Make those friends who you will never see again or those that end up staying in your heart forever. Read a book and take it with you as your travel buddy for the moments you don’t have company to talk to. 

Listen to the music of another culture in the background while reading. Music. That’s a nice way to call it.’

These words were written by the entrepreneur of this project during her first solo trip. The experience she gained turned her life upside down and, from that moment, her life vision and philosophy too.

Now she wants to help others to organize their dreamed travel, with total self-sufficiency and giving them the chance to learn from great experiences. Don’t just travel, you could also seize the moment by learning a new language, gastronomy, cultural sports… there is such a wide variety of possibilities and we are here to help you organize your breathtaking solo trip.

Meet up Friends

Nowadays, it’s so rare not having a friend or acquaintance in another country. Every time, after a goodbye, both of you promise to keep in touch and to organize a trip to meet up again in future. Sometimes, that never happens. Other times, you make the first step to organize that beloved trip.

Well, we aren’t really sure why this happens but at the end, this meet up reunion never happens. Not to mention when this reunion implies organizing several friends instead of two; the chaos to describe this reunion is a bit complex to describe.

We are here just for that. Lack of time? Laziness? Not really sure how to organize an amazing reunion? Lack of involvement? Do you accidentally leave yourselves hanging by not replying to messages and then the idea just gets cooled down? Don’t worry. We will organize that meet up and nothing else will ever be left on read again.

Work / academic experience

Traveling for a while and would like to study a new language?

Are you traveling solo and would like to seize the time by gaining some work experience or undertaking an academic course?

As a business, do you need one of your employees to carry out a training course?

Corporative / MICE

Business Travel

Organization and management of your itinerary

Displacements and Transfers

Accommodation Booking

Reservation of leisure activities for clients and/or employees

Do you also need an event to get organized?

Travel + Event

We travel with you

Escort service with photographer included.

Have you ever watch those breathtaking videos or astonishing photographs that look like taken straight out from a magazine? Would you like that your travel includes a photographic report just as similar?

We offer great photographic and audiovisual media packages totally personalized to your taste.

How does it sound?